Journey To Mecca - Behind The Scenes

  • “The desert opened its arms…” Cinematographer Rafey Mahmood

    "The desert opened its arms and welcomed us. I felt my unit members were like fellow travellers on a cosmic journey. We had come to witness, record and share an age long spiritual practice of great inner and outer movements and we were happy to be doing it on the wondrous IMAX®. The promise of sharing these great images on the biggest screen kept me inspired each day. One night waves of faithful pilgrims went around the holy Ka'bah in Tawaaf, as we tried to calculate a time lapse shot from one of the minarets. Can this event be a symbolic replica of some timeless pulsation of our reality? But one thing I knew for certain in crossing the Arabian Sea from Mumbai, I had covered an important part of my own journey as an Indian Muslim and as a Cinematographer. I welcome all to Journey to Mecca!"