Journey To Mecca - Behind The Scenes

  • “The goal of Journey to Mecca…” Taran Davies, Dominic Cunningham-Reid and Jonathan Barker, Producers

    “The goal of Journey to Mecca is to promote a better understanding of the Islamic world in the West through an epic adventure story about an exceptional young man on the journey of a lifetime to Mecca, the spiritual heart of Islam. We set out to answer questions such as 'what is Islam?' and 'who are Muslims?' At the same time, we seek to celebrate Islamic heritage, culture, history and spirituality for the first time on the giant screen.

    The pilgrimage to Mecca lies at the heart of the Islamic experience, yet few in the West know anything about it and a majority of Muslims will never experience the Hajj for themselves. By sharing the peaceful values and extraordinary history of the Hajj with the widest possible audience, we hope to pioneer a better understanding of Islam in the West and foster a strong sense of pride and dignity amongst the Muslim community around the world.”