Journey To Mecca - Behind The Scenes

  • “What I didn’t expect…” Cinematographer Afshin Javadi

    "What I didn't expect were the challenges we faced working around millions of Hajj pilgrims, in many cases, making the most important journey of their lives, the pilgrimage to Islam's holiest site, the Ka'bah. Initially, the process seemed arduous and frustrating, until I looked beyond the chaos and discovered how the pilgrims flowed, not as many, but as one. Once my crew and I began going with "the flow," both figuratively and literally, we managed to capture the essence and the beauty of Hajj. I went as far as doing a steadicam shot of the holy Ka'bah, while circumambulating it with tens of thousands of pilgrims, a shot never done before. The footage was mesmerizing and monumental."