Privacy Policy

Please read closely the conditions of the personal data protection specified below. With showing of any part of this web presentation you acknowledge that you have understood such conditions and agree with them.

Automatically collected impersonal data

You do not make your identity public by a pure viewing of the web pages. All data, which Oasis Management Ltd. (Oasis) automatically receives by a pure viewing of the web pages, serves to general information and summary statistics that can be provided to third parties. This information, in any case, does not contain any information that could identify concrete persons.

Personal data

All personal data, which you provide to Oasis (for example by e-mail etc.), shall not be publicized, sold or provided to any third person nor used for any commercial offer not related to Oasis.

Personal data access

You are entitled to ask for a copy of information, which Oasis keeps about you, and correct or add any information that is included in the copy. You are also entitled to request a complete deletion from the customers’ database, which is used solely by Oasis, for any reason.

Personal data sharing

Oasis is allowed to share the received personal data with authorized agencies or suppliers for the purpose of the requested services or transactions realization. We will provide to third parties only the minimum of information that is necessary for the requested services or transactions realization. If Oasis is requested to share your personal data for the purpose of investigation of any illegal activities, it is entitled to provide such information to the third party. Sharing of personal data for any other purpose shall be realized solely with your express consent.