Journey To Mecca - Reviews

  • Sunday Mercury, UK, September 2010

    PLOT: Modern-day footage and narration from Sir Ben Kingsley is combined with a reenactment of the 14th century journey to Mecca of Moroccan law student Ibn Battutah. It’s a dangerous 5,000 mile trek by horse and camel to the place where Muslim pilgrims gather once a year.

    GOOD POINTS: It’s screened at Birmingham’s IMAX®, whose big screen is the perfect size to show the sweeping vistas and sheer scale of the crowds. The never-before seen footage of the modern Hajj is astonishing, with thousands of white-clad people stretching as far as the eye can see.

    BAD POINTS: The acting isn’t particularly good. There’s not much of a plot to the drama.

    SHOULD I SEE IT? As an educational and visually stunning experience, it’s well worth a look.

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